In order to better understand the users of the MGRA and MGVC, we’re distributing a survey. This has two main purposes:

  1. People who have not visited, but will: To understand what they hope their visit will be like. This is to understand typical users and how they like to interact with visitor facilities when they visit them.
  2. People who have visited: To understand what their visit was like. This is to understand how they used the visitor areas and what their experience was like.

This information will help us to determine where emphasis should be placed for the development of visitor facilities. This will help us understand what can be improved with the current facilities, and what needs to be added (as needed) to improve experience and to ensure that a high quality visit is provided into the future.

We invite you to take this survey, and to share the link with others that have visited, or would like to in the future.

Please go to this link for the survey: MGRA Visitor Survey