Tuesday, August 22nd a day long stakeholder meeting was held at the University of Alaska Southeast Recreation Center on the Juneau campus. Nearly 40 invited stakeholders attended including permit holders, local and state government agencies, cruise ship operators, transportation operators, environmental/conservation groups, education institutes, youth and wilderness programs, economic development groups, tourism marketing, cultural and heritage organizations, and other community groups. Also in attendance was key US Forest Service staff.

The meeting was facilitated by Amanda Happe of Bruce Mau Design and included the participation of the planning team’s subject matter experts that included transportation in national parks, sustainable tourism, economics, sustainable buildings, renewable energy, visitor center planning and others.

The welcome was provided by James King, Forest Service Regional Director of Mineral, Lands and Recreation and was followed by a summary of the meeting agenda and desired outcomes by Amanda Happe.

Stakeholders were asked to join one of three round table discussions that were of interested to them. The round tables were broken into:

  • Tourism and Economics (visitor industry, local visitation, economics and visitor trends)
  • Transportation (transit, trails, and roads)
  • Sustainability (buildings, energy, transit, and natural resources)

The stakeholders worked and shared ideas while completing over ten exercises over the course of the day. The results of each are captured below in the images. These exercises lead to the generation of two key summaries:

  • Criteria for Success
  • Idea 1.0

Working with the subject matter experts, criteria of success established benchmarks or quantifiable targets that the project could be weighed against. Each of the three groups developed their own criteria for success for the project.

The groups also generated their ideas for innovation called Ideas 1.0. Again the stakeholders and subject matter experts worked collaboratively to develop a full range of ideas for the planning effort related to their group interest.

Tourism and Economics




The content from the Criteria for Success and Ideas 1.0 formed the basis of discussion by the public at Meeting #5 held that evening at the Mendenhall Valley Library. The public refined  this material to generate community driven criteria for success and further develop ideas to create Ideas 2.0. These can be found in the Meeting #5 summary.

Closing Remarks

James King provided the closing remarks and thanked everyone for their participation.