June 4th Focus Sessions

Downtown Public Library
Large Meeting Room
Monday, June 4th, 2018
1:00pm to 5:00pm

To gain some additional information, we are having four specific focus group meetings the afternoon of June 4th, in the Downtown Public Library in the large meeting room. These will begin at 1:00, with specific times listed below for each session. Everyone is invited to attend the session(s) of their interest. Each session will have specific content, so please review the goals for the sessions.

Commercial Vehicle Access (1:00 to 1:50)
a. Goal: The desired outcome is to understand how best to facilitate convenient and quick loading and unloading of permitted commercial vehicles.
b. Discussion: Range of vehicle types and vehicle needs for passenger drop-off, pick-up, and parking. This will include design needs for disabled access, vehicle capacities, vehicle lengths, turning radii, future vehicles that may be used, and other data specific to site design.
c. Key attendees: Commercial Transport Permit Holders, others who are interested

Boat Transportation on the lake (2:00 to 2:50)
a. Goal: The desired outcome is provide information on research to date, to better understand ideas for how this might be implemented, and to understand concerns about the concept.
b. Discussion: Presentation of initial system assumptions and ideas, with discussion.
c. Key attendees: Potential System Operators, others who are interested

Glacier Side Development (3:00 to 3:50)
a. Goal: The desired outcome is to provide information on planning to date, and to discuss the possible development of recreation and visitor facilities closer to the glacier face.
b. Discussion: Presentation of initial information, with discussion
c. Key attendees: those who are interested

Sustainability (4:00 to 4:50)
a. Goal: The desired outcome is to provide information on research to date, and to discuss other opportunities. It will also include topics such as sustainable building design, sustainable energy sources, alternative propulsion systems for transport vehicles, a circulator transportation system, etc.
b. Discussion: Presentation of initial assumptions/ideas, with discussion.
c. Key attendees: Stakeholders with a sustainability mandate, others who are interested
d. Note: This session is scheduled last to allow additional discussion if the group wishes to continue.

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  1. Being a long time resident of Juneau and a multi use user of the mendenhall rec area as well as a Gastineau aeromodeler I would like to voice my concern on the current usage proposal. It is very apparent that GREED is the driving factor in the usage proposal. I am appalled to see decisions being proposed that will only line the pockets of tourist industry. And that nothing has been addressed to the long term LOCAL users of this area that you are calling pristine wilderness. When in fact the entire area has been dredged and in no way considered pristine wilderness. In closing all I would like to see is the forest service enforce their own current posted time, as 13 1/2 hours per day for 6 months out of the year is more then adequate time for local tour guides ie gastineau guiding who act like its their own private area Thank you for allowing me to post my comments

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